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By Donald Mackay, Wan Ying Shiu (auth.), Wilfried Brutsaert, Gerhard H. Jirka (eds.)

The move around the floor of environmental waters is of curiosity as a tremendous part within the geophysical and common biochemical cycles of numer­ ous components; certainly it governs the transition, in some way, be­ tween the dissolved country within the water and the gaseous nation within the atmo­ sphere. specially with expanding inhabitants and industrialization, gasoline move at water surfaces has develop into a severe consider the certainty of many of the pathways of wastes within the surroundings and in their engineering administration. This interfacial mass move is, by means of its very nature, hugely complicated. The air and the water are typically in turbulent movement, and the interface be­ tween them is abnormal, and disturbed by means of waves, occasionally followed by way of breaking, spray and bubble formation. hence the move includes a wide selection of actual phenomena taking place over quite a lot of scales. thus, scientists and engineers from diversified disciplines and troublesome areas, have approached the matter, usually with vastly differing analytical and experimental thoughts and methodologies.

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Surface Aeration In surface aeration, it can be assumed that CG = 0 due to the continuous and rapid renewal of air above the liquid surface. The integrated rate equation then becomes c - ln (~) CL ~a(t - t 0 (3) ) 0 Hence, KLa is obtained from a log-linear regression of concentration vs. time. Bubble Aeration In bubble aeration, however, it is necessary to account for the decrease in the driving force (Eq. 2) as the bubbles rise through the liquid column. Only the final equations will be given here, as the detailed development of the model has been extensively described before (Munz and Roberts, 1982a, b).

Sutherland, Determination of air-water Henry's law constants for hydrophobic pollutants, Environ. Sci. , 11> (3), 333-337, 1979. , and T. K. Yuen, Volatilization rates of organic contaminants from rivers, Water Poll. Res. J. of Canada, 15, (2), 83-98, 1980. Rathbun, R. , Reaeration coefficients of-streams--state-of-the-art, Am. -Soc. of Civil Engrs. Hyd. Div. , 103, HY4, 409-424, 1977. Rathbun, R. , D. W. Stephens, D. J. Shultz, and D. Y. Tai, Laboratory studies of gas tracers for reaeration, Am.

Ten to twelve samples over time were taken in surface and bubble aeration, while 5 pairs of influent and effluent samples were taken in packed column experiments after reaching steady state. MASS TRANSFER MODELS Stripping/absorption is a first-order process. rate expression is given by Eq. 2, The general mass transfer (2) where Ct = liquid equilibrium concentration associated with the bulk gas concentration CG (g/m3 ), CL =bulk liquid concentration (g/m 3 ), KLa =overall liquid-phase mass transfer rate constant (min- 1 ), and t =time (min).

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