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By John Nunn

During this greatly instructive and enjoyable paintings, John Nunn selects one hundred twenty five of the best brief decisive grandmaster video games of the fashionable era.

For a grandmaster to lose a online game in 25 strikes or fewer takes anything specific, and membership avid gamers can study greatly from learning those miniatures. every one of those video games is a real conflict, with the outcome frequently doubtful until eventually close to the very finish of the struggle.

Nunn identifies the most typical motives of the mistakes that bring about the loser's dying, and the way it is easy to search to take dramatic good thing about the opponent's dicy or defective play. In his thought-provoking prolonged creation, he explains that during many instances, the matter used to be of a mental nature: usually the loser fails to just accept that occasions haven't spread out in accordance with plan, and accordingly steers into the reefs while there has been nonetheless time to go for more secure waters.

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0-0 8 0-0 d 5 9 cxd5 exd5 I 0 ifc2 (of course the move-numbers differ by one). This position is thought to give White a slight advantage. e7 6 'i'c2 tiJhS? e8?! •• This loses time, and allows White to trans­ pose into a relatively favourable variation of the Queen 's Indian. 6 . . 0-0 is better. 7 i.. d2 dS 8 cxd5 exd5 9 g3 0-0 10 i.. g2 tbf6 ... A rather artificial move. Of the various lines tried here, perhaps l l . . c5 1 2 l:tad l tbbd7 of­ fers the best chances of equality. I B 8 By means of an unusual move-order, we have reached a position which more often arises af­ ter 4 g3 i..

13 J:tb8 14 eS! •• White goes straight for Black's throat. Those of a calmer disposition might prefer 1 4 a5 , which gives White a slight advantage. However, White cannot expect to continue positionally for long, as a breakthrough by e5 or f5 is an es­ sential component of this system. •. The only reasonable move; Black homes in on White's weak d5-pawn. e? xd5+ 'ii'xd5 23 l:td 1 followed by a winning penetration to d8. w 18 'ii'h4 (D) B 15 fS! White's last move has effectively committed him to play for the attack, regardless of any sac­ rifices involved.

Rj;;( f8 1 9 lt:Jf5 wins after 1 9 . . xe6, 1 9 . . 'ifxg2 20 'ii'e 7+ �g8 2 1 e6 or 1 9 . . lt:Jf2 20 e6 lt:Jxd3+ 2 1 �b l . e2 'iVc7 7 0-0 b5 The most common line today is 7 . . lt:Jf6. W 8 lt:Jxc6 1lfxc6?! Nowadays, if Black does play 7 ... b5, then here he recaptures with the d-pawn . The prob­ lem with the text-move is that the queen is tacti­ cally vulnerable on c6, both to ideas on the long diagonal and to possible lt:Jd5 tricks. f3 i.. f4 d6 After 1 0 . . :te l and 1 1 e5 'ifc7 1 2 lt:Je4 are good for White.

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