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By Margalit Finkelberg

Systematically confronting Greek culture of the Heroic Age with the proof of either linguistics and archaeology, Margalit Finkelberg proposes an interdisciplinary review of the ethnic, linguistic and cultural state of affairs in Greece within the moment millennium BC. the most thesis of this ebook is that the Greeks began their background as a multi-ethnic inhabitants team together with either Greek-speaking rookies and the indigenous inhabitants of the land, and that the physique of 'Hellenes' as recognized to us from the historic interval was once a planned self-creation.

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G. Smith 1986: 6–18. 48 Cf. ’ 49 Konstan 2001: 30; cf. Malkin 2001: 16. Cf. also Smith 1986: 177–9. 22 Greeks and Pre-Greeks observed for the situation in Sicily after Greek colonisation. She wrote in this connection: It is, however, possible to establish an indigenous or local culture by proceeding from an examination of pre-Greek culture. This establishes baselines for difference, since local populations and their cultures existed before colonization and their identities are not wholly constructs of the colonizers.

By analysing the epichoric myths of Phocis, McInerney has drawn a convincing picture of how, in virtue of their being bound by common territory, heterogeneous population groups who traced their 34 35 36 37 38 Malkin 2001: 11. This point is further elaborated on in Malkin 2003: 60–6. Malkin 2003: 66. Cf. g. the criticism by Antonaccio 2001: 115. McInerney 1999. See also McInerney 2001. See esp. J. Hall 1997: 2, 25, 32. Malkin 2003: 15, however, does not give this factor much importance. Introduction 19 descent to different origins eventually created a regional identity of their own, the most salient expression of which was the emergence of the eponymous hero (actually, two heroes) named Phocus: The Phocian koinon would come into existence only a generation before the Persian War, after the overthrow of Thessalian sovereignty.

H. Sturtevant in the 1940s. According to this hypothesis, rather than being sister-languages of Greek, Italo-Celtic, German, Slavic, Indo-Iranian and other languages constituting the Indo-European family, Anatolian languages separated from the proto-Indo-European unity at a very early period and therefore represent a much less advanced stage in the development of Indo-European. More specifically, Gray and Atkinson claimed that the results they obtained corroborate the hypothesis that Colin Renfrew advanced in Archaeology and Language (1987): according to this hypothesis, the first European farmers that arrived from Anatolia in the course of the so-called Neolithic Revolution (the seventh millennium bc) were Indo-European speakers (see also below, Chapter 3).

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