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By H. G. Richey

The Grignard reagent is without doubt one of the most beneficial and flexible reagents identified to the natural chemist and a hundred years after its discovery, this booklet provides authoritative views at the major advancements occurring utilizing Grignard Reagents and similar organomagnesium compounds. This quantity makes a speciality of a dozen components of organomagnesium chemistry, together with: * New reactions of Grignard Reagents * Stereoselective Reactions of Organomagnesium Compounds * Mechanistic good points of Organomagnesium Compounds * business purposes and procedure * strange Organomagnesium Compounds * buildings of Organomagnesium Solids and suggestions The e-book will turn out of significant curiosity to educational and commercial chemists lively in organometallic chemistry of major crew metals, natural syntheses, response mechanisms and structural natural chemistry.

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