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By Christoph Hummel

Mikhail Gromov brought pseudo-holomorphic curves into symplectic geometry in 1985. considering the fact that then, pseudo-holomorphic curves have taken on nice significance in lots of fields. the purpose of this booklet is to provide the unique facts of Gromov's compactness theorem for pseudo-holomorphic curves intimately. neighborhood houses of pseudo-holomorphic curves are investigated and proved from a geometrical point of view. houses of specific curiosity are isoperimetric inequalities, a monotonicity formulation, gradient bounds and the removing of singularities. a unique bankruptcy is dedicated to appropriate gains of hyperbolic surfaces, the place pairs of pants decomposition and thickthin decomposition are defined. The publication is basically self-contained and will even be obtainable to scholars with a simple wisdom of differentiable manifolds and protecting areas.

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2. The goal is to show that for any compact manifold (M, J, 11) there exists an EO > 0 such that the differential of any J -holomorphic map f: IHl --f M whose image is contained in some Eo-ball Beo (p) eM is uniformly bounded. We identify (TpM,Jp , II p ) = [R2m with its standard structures. Then the exterior derivative of ao := L~=I xVdyV is COo = L~=I dx v /\dyV on (TpM,Jp,ll p ). 1 on U = B eo (p) eM. 3. As a final remark we point out that for any compact manifold (M,J,Il) an EO > 0 can be chosen such that the following is true.

Proof This proof is illustrated in Figure 8. In order to prove (i) we may assume without loss of generality that b v is the geodesic segment from ief(b v ) to i. 2 that ~(bv) = {re it I e ~ t ~ ~,1 ~ r ~ y } for a suitable e E (0, ni2) andy := lief(b v ) I. The geodesic segment joining 1 = Q:v+I (00) and Pv = nay (1) is a segment of a Euclidean circle. Denote by x its centre on IR c IHJ( 00). Considering the right angled Euclidean triangle with comers O,X and Pv' we deduce that e 1 - cos e = __ 1- l Y- 1 tan-= x = __ 2 sin e x-I y+ 1 x IV.

Is) 40 III. Higher order derivatives and consequently we obtain that Tnl';g is fibrewise complex linear, indeed Tn]

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