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John Lyly. He slowed his pace as he neared the police station and tried to appear casual although his mouth was dry and his heart was thumping against his ribs. Then just before he reached her, his pride came to his rescue. He, Hamish Macbeth, was not going to run after a woman with such abysmal taste that she could become starry-eyed over a man who looked like an ape. “Evening, Priscilla,”he said. “Open the kitchen door quickly,” said Priscilla. “I’m being eaten alive. ” “I’m covered in repellent,” said Hamish.

Really very sorry. Jamie said there was a poacher on the river, and…” “As you can see, Mr Daviot, it is all very embarrassing. Jamie, I’m surprised at you,” said Priscilla. The water bailiff shuffled his feet. “Well, I’m sorry to have interrupted your…interrupted…er…” said the superintendent. “Exactly. Good night, Mr Daviot. ” But Hamish was standing with a vague smile on his face looking at nothing. After they had gone, Priscilla bustled about, getting the fishing tackle and the waders, avoiding looking at Hamish.

I owned the house I lived in. It had been my mother’s. Trixie suggested we put it up for sale and buy something up here with the money. I hope I can make something of the garden. ” “No, I didn’t have much fun. It’s quiet here and the people are friendly. We’ve had such a lot of help. But that’s Trixie for you. Everyone loves her. She’s going to do a lot for the village. She’s forming the Lochdubh Bird Watching and Bird Protection Society. ” “It’ll be an interest for the children,” said Hamish cautiously.

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