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By Christian Grosche, Frank Steiner

The instruction manual of Feynman direction Integrals appears to be like simply fifty years after Richard Feynman released his pioneering paper in 1948 entitled "Space-Time method of Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics", within which he brought his new formula of quantum mechanics by way of course integrals. The e-book offers for the 1st time a entire desk of Feynman direction integrals including an in depth checklist of references; it is going to serve the reader as an intensive creation to the idea of course integrals. As a reference ebook, it really is specific in its scope and should be crucial for lots of physicists, chemists and mathematicians operating in several parts of analysis.

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10) with the continuous spectrum x E IR. (Here we restrict ourselves to systems where the one-dimensional motion of the particle takes place on the whole real line without additional topological constraints. 12) 5(z' - x) denotes the Dira~ delta-function. 1 The Feynman Kernel and the Green Function 25 # ( x , t ) := (x]#(t)) = (#(t)lx)* . 3): _x acts on the wave function ~t as a multiplication operator, while p acts as the differential operator - i h O / O x . 16) with the differential operator (Schrhdinger operator) tJ, defined by H~ - h2 02 2m Ox ----5 + V(x) .

GO) E l~ D , etc. 56) where A :_-- 0 ~ q - 0 2 + . . + 0 2 denotes the Laplacian in IRD with Ok := 0 / 0 z k. 18) now reads ~'(x",t") = f R o dx' K ( x " , x ' ; t " , t ' ) ~ ( x ' , t ' ) . 48) the one-dimensional deltafunction has to be replaced by 5 ~ ' ' - x') = 5(x "1 - z ' l ) . . 5 ( z ''D - z'D). 58) with l Y - xl 2 = (yl _ xl)2 + . . + (yO _ xD)Z. The D-dimensional free Green function can be found in Sect. 2. , xcl(t') = x' and xcl(t") = x". 2 The Path Integral in Cartesian Coordinates 31 Hove determinant [193, 710, 765, 905], see Chap.

6) can be interpreted as a "sum over all paths" or a "sum over all histories" If(z", x'; T) = Z q~[x(t)] . 6) gives a prescription of how to compute the important quantity 9 for each path: "The paths contribute equally in magnitude, but the phase of their contribution is the classical action (in units of h); ... s) Thus Feynman's formulation of quantum mechanics in terms of path integrals can be called a "Lagrangian formulation of quantum mechanics" in contrast to the standard formulation discussed in Sect.

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