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By Vincent Muro

A instruction manual for pros in enterprise and illustrating the built-in hands-on functions of a number monetary suggestions to 20 ordinary enterprise events, in addition to introducing new concepts for monetary research the place conventional instruments are missing.

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281 11-6. Reducing pricesmonthly profitability statement (dollars in $1,000). 282 11-7. Extending sales credit termsmonthly profitability statement (dollars in $1,000). 283 11-8. Extending sales credit termsreceivable-related expenses. 284 11-9. Profitability of alternative sales expansion measures. 285 11-10. Effect of sales expansion cost leverage on net profitif sales volume increases by 20% (dollars in $1,000). 286 11-11. Effect of sales expansion cost leverage on net profitif sales volume increases by 100% (dollars in $1,000).

505 21-3. Accounts receivable ratios (dollars in $1,000). 506 21-4. Treatment of cash sales and dead accounts (dollars in $1,000). 507 21-5. Finished goods inventory ratios (dollars in $1,000). 508 21-6. Raw materials inventory and accounts payable (dollars in $1,000). 509 21-7. Sales profitability ratios (dollars in $1,000). 510 Chapter 22 Traditional Variance Analysis 511 I Sales and Variable CostsResults of Variance Analysis 511 II Sales and Variable CostsOne-Product Variance Analysis 512 III Sales and Variable CostsMultiproduct Variance Analysis 520 IV Sales and Variable CostsEvaluation of Conventional Techniques 521 V OverheadVariance Analysis 525 Exhibits 22-1.

201 7-10. Crossover pointother applications. 202 Chapter 8 Break-even Point Analysis 203 I Fixed Costs and Variable Costs 204 II Profit Break-Even Point Sales VolumeApproaches, Calculations, and Assumptions 206 III Types of BEP and Applications 208 IV Limitations and Solutions 215 Exhibits 8-1. Break-even point sales volume (table). 221 8-2. Break-even point sales volume (chart). 222 8-3. Break-even point selling price. 223 8-4. Multilevel break-even point sales volume (chart). 224 8-5. Break-even point sales volume for a multiproduct operation 225 Chapter 9 Analyzing Cost Reduction Measures 226 I Nature of Cost Reduction Measures 227 II Interest and Return on Investment Approaches 228 III Analysis Based on the Rate of Return Approach 229 IV Analysis Based on the Residual Income Approach 233 V Other Considerations 235 Exhibits 9-1.

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