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By Lesley Adkins, Roy A. Adkins

This convenient reference offers complete entry to over 3 millennia of old Greek heritage and archaeology, from the start of the Minoan civilization to the autumn of the Greek states to the Romans through 30 BC. transparent, authoritative, and hugely geared up, the guide to lifestyles in historic Greece presents an enticing examine a civilization that when stretched from what's now glossy Greece, to Spain, India, and past; a civilization that has had a major and lasting effect at the improvement of myriad points of Western tradition, from philosophy and drugs to democracy and city making plans. The thematically prepared chapters disguise an exhaustive diversity of issues: armies and guns, rulers from Alexander the good to Xerxes, the increase and fall of diverse city-states, particularly Sparta and Athens, agriculture, architectural kinds, craft industries, spiritual fairs, deities, shuttle and shipping, mythological figures, even Greek options of the afterlife. The consultant encompasses a wide-ranging bibliography for every bankruptcy, in addition to over one hundred eighty maps, images, and line drawings.

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Full democracy was restored at Athens. Carthaginian invasion of Sicily. Hannibal besieged Himera. Alcibiades returned to Athens from exile and was elected commander-inchief of the fleet. Athenian naval defeat by Lysander at the battle of Notium. HANDBOOK TO LIFE IN ANCIENT GREECE 20 405 404 404/403 403 402/400 401 400–387 399 398–392 396–395 395–386 395 394 Athenian victory over Spartan fleet at the battle of Arginusae. Lycophron became tyrant of Pherae. Hannibal sacked Acragas. Annihilation of Athenian fleet at the battle of Aegospotami by Lysander; over 3,000 Athenians were executed.

Aeschines was prosecuted by Demosthenes. Philip II campaigned against Illyria. Timoleon went to assist Syracuse against Dionysius II and the Carthaginians. Timoleon liberated Syracuse from Dionysius II. Philip II campaigned in Thrace and removed its king. ( June) Timoleon defeated the Carthaginians at the battle of Crimisus River in Sicily. Siege of Perinthus by Philip II. Siege of Byzantium by Philip II (to 339). (Late) Athens declared war on Philip II. Fourth Sacred War of Philip II. HANDBOOK TO LIFE IN ANCIENT GREECE 22 338 337 336 (2 August) Philip II defeated Athens and Thebes at the battle of Chaeronea.

In Homer’s time citizens were apparently male heads of households with many dependents, mainly women, other relatives and slaves. From archaic times the polis consisted of male citizens, as well as a large population of women, slaves, dependent lower classes and foreign residents. Most Greek states divided their citizens into hereditary tribes ( phylai, sing. phyle). Dorian cities usually had three tribes and Ionian cities four, some with identical names. Many citizens also belonged to brotherhoods or clans known as phratries ( phratriai, sing.

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