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This paintings unearths the worrying reports underlying self-injury, nutrition misuse and alcohol abuse. in addition to providing desire and aid to different victims, the tales during this e-book objective to offer those that have touch with victims a deeper realizing of self-destructive behaviour.

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I'd stay out in friend's houses overnight without telling anyone where I was and I'd steal drink and money from the house before going. I don't know why Dad never called the police in to me because he must have known what I was doing. My stepmother used to row with Dad about me, and really flipped when I stayed out all night and came back next day with my hair an orange colour. I'd let one of the girls bleach it but instead of turning out blond it went bright ginger. I don't know why I agreed to her suggestion, drunk probably.

Karen's mother walked out when she was three, and she was sexually abused by her father for ten years. Sarah's parents had high expectations of her, and only showed her affection when she achieved those expectations. Tina had been 'gang raped' as a teenager. Paul's wife had just been killed in a car accident. Observing Self-Harm in Depth Cal is 20. He is a member of the self-help group who shared their definitions of self-harm. The first part of his story was written in 1994, when he was in the early stages of recovery, the latter part more recently.

2 Did you feel any compassion towards her? 3 Did the question: 'I wonder what makes her want to harm herself'? enter your mind? Case study: Karen Karen earns her living as a prostitute. When she's not selling her body, she sits at home and scalds her arms with boiling hot water. She occasionally goes to Accident & Emergency when her wounds are bad and need medical attention. What is Your Immediate Reaction to Karen's Behaviour? 1 Did you find yourself being judgemental? For example, did you think something along the lines of: 'She needs her head examined', or 'She's doing it to get attention'?

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