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By Glen W. Bowersock

The extreme adaptability and sturdiness of Greek tradition in instances of momentous swap is printed during this booklet, as G. W. Bowersock seeks to interpret Hellenism in a predominantly Christian international. during this attempt he sheds new gentle on a past due paganism that has usually been noticeable as moribund and exhibits it to were without warning vigorous.Hellenism, comprising the language, inspiration, mythology, and photographs of the Greeks, contributed essentially to the evolution of early Christianity. It had unfold around the lands of the jap Mediterranean for lots of centuries ahead of Constantine demonstrated Christianity because the legit faith of the Byzantine executive. yet Hellenism served no much less to disseminate and increase paganism--a position that has hitherto been little preferred or studied. The neighborhood traditions of Asia Minor, Egypt, and the close to East survived mostly by way of sharing universal sorts of expression with the Christians. Hellenism in actual fact allowed overdue pagans of largely differing traditions to speak with one another. whilst it gave to either Christianity and Islam a pagan context that liked a lot higher public attractiveness then than now. And so the writer exhibits that Hellenism illuminates the wholeness of the past due vintage global within the East, the interplay of its paganism and its Christianity. Dionysus and Christ flourished together.". . . Bowersock has given us a brand new unifying standpoint for the turbulent spiritual background of 4 centuries--the thought of a typical cultural medium inside of (and opposed to) which differing non secular traditions developed and inter-penetrated." --New York occasions e-book Review". . . a powerful success . . . [an] stylish and powerfully unique book." --Times Literary SupplementG. W. Bowersock is Professor of historical background within the college of historic reviews, Institute for complicated examine, Princeton, New Jersey.

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63�64. 68 Hellenism in Late Antiquity (•'� local identity in the face of a universalizing religion. The Greek myths linked them with their forebears and with a common education their ancestors had shared for centuries. Conversion did not demand a renunciation of the past. Not for nothing did the Egyptian poets include in their oeuvres, in addition to panegyrics, commemorations of battles, celebrations of marriage, and pen portraits, versified histories of cities that traced their origins to legendary founders.

This work has long attracted attention because of its prophecy of the abandonment of Egypt at a time when the gods would go back from earth to heaven: "A time will come when it will seem, that the Egyptians have in vain honored god with pious heart and assiduous devotion, and all holy reverence for the gods will become ineffective and be deprived of its fruit. " 1 6 " G o d " in the Latin version is divinitas, clearly representing the collectivity of pagan gods. This gloomy prophecy of the doom of paganism has often been associated with the destruction of the Serapeum at Alexandria in 392, undoubtedly a traumatic moment for Egyptian pagans.

9, quoted and translated by Cameron, op. cit. (η. 36 above), p. 229. 66 Hellenism in Late Antiquity to constitute the poet's lament upon leaving Constantinople for Cotyaeum, Cyrus uses pastoral imagery, perhaps Vergilian, to express his dismay over the success of his enemies at court: Would that my father had taught me to pasture shaggy flocks, so that, sitting beneath the elms or a rock blowing on my pipes, I might beguile my cares. Muses, let us flee this well built city, let us seek another land; I say to you all that the baneful drones have destroyed the bees.

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