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The alternating role behavior diffuses the boundaries of one's own person and makes it possible to experience oneself in the other. Thus the original autoerotic position, once responsible for the first turning of the switches, is reactivated. If the increase of autonomy in self-esteem during early childhood derives from masturbation, that is, by means of an undifferentiated kind of regulation, then the increase of autonomy in thp. xWll obiect relationshin-caused bv the reactivation of NONNEUROl1C DEVELOPMENT TOWARD HOMOSEXU4IJlY 67 the autoerotic strivings -serves the attainment of a differentiated, genuine love relationship .

R that it becomes difficult not to interDnal h; NEUROTIC HOMOSEXU4LS 49 He will also show his incestuous desires and will occasionally speak quite openly about his longing, as a child and as an adult, for sexual relationships with his mother or his sister. I believe one does not err if one regards also these reports as an unconscious intention to seduce. The renouncing of the tendency to act, which must be maintained during this phase of the analysis, refers almost entirely to the fact that the analysts restrict themselves to interpret only the identification with the primary female person in childhood.

With increasing clarity, this change in his behavior became the focal point of the observation and was interpreted in the transference as an attempt at identification with the analyst. Not until now were the dependency and fear, transferred at an earlier point from the father to the analyst, interpreted as the expression of a repressed desire to be loved by his doctor. The change the patient demonstrated with regard to his homosexual partners was the consequence of the identification with the analyst.

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