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By Daniel W. Chan

Immunoassay Automation: a realistic consultant describes automation of immunoassay from the sensible standpoint of the medical laboratory. normal advent and assessment sections reveal ideas and perform. A accomplished collection of to be had platforms are distinct by means of specialists, with a view in the direction of reputation, technical advances, and operational potency. This laboratory consultant is key for practitioners in medical chemistry laboratories, and may have lasting worth within the evolution of computerized systems.

Focuses on automation of immunoassay for the scientific laboratory
Emphasizes ideas, strategy overview, and the platforms approach
Aids approach choice through evaluate of technical, scientific, operational, and cost-efficient parameters
Contains whole descriptions through specialists at the most recent computerized immunoassay systems
Based upon the editor's well-received workshops on computerized immunoassay

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For stable patients, the marker value should not change. , 1988). In this study, the changes of AFP values were correlated with the intrahepatic tumor volume. One could evaluate individual patients in the treatment and progression of cancer. It is also possible to evaluate each event and correlate with the change in marker values. , 1986). Another example is the monitoring of metastatic breast cancer using CA 549 (Chan et ai, 1988). In this study, changes of greater than 25% of CA 549 and CEA values are defined as significant.

However, step 2, the preanalytical variables, is most problematic for laboratories. Sample collection is time-consuming. Typically, a phlebotomist would collect the specimen from the patient. Transportation of the sample of the laboratory could be accomplished by sending the sample through a pneumatic tube or by a messenger. The tube would be centrifuged and the serum separated from the red cells. Then the serum sample would be aliquoted into separate tubes or cups for analysis by different work stations.

Most competitive assays show better precision in the mid-range of the calibration curve. The precision profile resembles a U-shaped curve. Immunometric assays tend to have a flat precision curve. At the extreme low concentration, approaching the detection limit, the sensitivity affects the precision. At the other end of the calibration curve where the absorbance is high for the enzyme immunoassay, the precision also suffers. B. Between-Run Precision Between-run precision is a more realistic performance indicator since patient samples are analyzed from day to day.

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