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By Richard F. Casten (auth.), F. Iachello (eds.)

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5 . 0 E~f::J N1 E2 1 . 5 Fig 1. KTI=o+, 2+ and 4+ bands in l56Gd observed in the (n,y) reaction (left) and calculated in the IBA-1 model (right). The vertical arrows indicate the main mode of decay of the bands. In cases where the transition probabilities are known the number below the multipolarity symbol indicates the average reduced strength of the transitions between the bands connected by the arrow. 8 11N 2 • The widths of the arrows have been drawn approximately proportional to the reduced strengths.

The experimental data of this work are the result of a common effort of the former groups at Ris¢, Idaho Falls, Munich and Studsvik and this cooperation is gratefully acknowledged. I would like to express my gratitude to Professor F Iachello and Dr 0 Scholten for enlightening discussions and for communication of programs and unpublished results. REFERENCES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. A Backlin, G Hedin, B Fogelberg, M Saraceno, R C Greenwood, C W Reich, H R Hoch, H A Baader, H D Breitig, 0 W B Schult, K Schreckenbach, T von Egidy and W Mampe, to be published U Gruber, B P Maier and 0 W B Schult, Kerntechnik 5 (1963) 17 M P Maier, U Gruber and 0 W B Schult, Kerntechnik 5 (1963) 19 R C Greenwood and C W Reich, Nucl Phys A223 (1974)-66 A Backlin, Nucl Instr Meth 57 ( 1967) 26_1_ T von Egidy, E Beiber and ~W Elze, Z Phys 195 (1966) 489 A F Kluk, N R Johnson and J H Hamilton, Phys Rev ClO (1974) 1451 J E Cline, unpublished D J McMillan, J H Hamilton and J J Pinajian, Phys Rev C4 (1971) 542 P 0 Tj¢m and B Elbeck, private communication Interacting Bosons in Nuclear Physics, ed F Iachello, Plenum Press, New York 1979 F Iachello, Structure of Medium-Heavy Nuclei 1979, The Institute of Physics, London, Conference Series 49, p 161 0 Scholten, private communication J Konijn, W N de Boer, A van Poelgeest, W H A Hesselink, M JAde Voigt, H Verheul and 0 Scholten, to be published Part of the data have been taken from F K McGowan, W T Milner and P H Stelson, Int Conf on Band Structure and Nuclear Dynamics, New Orleans 1980, contributed papers p 130 F Iachello and P van Isacker, private communication A Arima, T Ohtsuka, F Iachello and I Talmi, Phys Lett 66B (1977) 205 0 Scholten, Interacting Bosons in Nuclear Physics, ed F Iachello, Plenum Press, New York 1979, p 17 and references therein RECENT IBA-2 CALCULATIONS: A THEORETICAL STUDY OF THE TUNGSTEN ISOTOPES* Bruce R.

In general, the agreement with experiment for the ground-stateband and y-band energy levels is extremely good. The agreement with the S-band energies, however, is not so successful. Perhaps the most striking feature of the energy spectra is the sharp rise in the y-and S-hands at neutron number N = 108, which is thought to originate from a partial shell closure at the ilJ/2 level. This same rise also occurs in the y-band of the neighboring osmium isotopes (Z 76). 3 Fitting this feature has led to a dip in the value of Xv at N = 108.

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