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By Brian W. Beeching M.PHIL, M.SC, BDS, LDSRCS (auth.)

The name examining Dental Radiographs shows the meant prac­ tical nature of this publication. it truly is was hoping that scholars, practitioners, dental radiologists and senior radiographers will locate this simple quantity an invaluable chairside because it covers the typical, and a few of the extra infrequent, significant other, radiological appearances visible in the box of dentistry. scientific radiologists should still locate the textual content and similar radiographic examples an invaluable complement to their wisdom of common radiology. the author has tried to point that interpretation of dental radiographs isn't consistently easy and easy, quite while contemplating periapical adjustments and neoplasms. cautious examine­ ment of the full radiograph is vital to prevent the pitfall of constructing 'tunnel vision'! No apology is given for the repetitive indication of the categories of radiographic perspectives essential to illustrate buildings and pathological strategies. it's was hoping that this can make scholars comprehend the significance of inquiring for the right kind radiographic perspectives for the situation into consideration. The few references given should still open the sector of additional interpreting to these attracted to dental radiology.

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It is generally considered advisable to fill such teeth, as the caries has undoubtedly invaded the dentine. Apices soundtooth vital 35 Perilubular caries Advanced Figure 106. Advanced caries into dentine 15d. There is also caries 15d7m on this left bitewing. Figure 108. Secondary caries can be seen in 15d. This has probably arisen through insufficient preparation at the cervical margin during cutting of the distal cavity. Residual caries can be seen occlusally under the filling in The cervical translucency is exaggerated by the amalgam filling and peritubular dentine, suggesting secondary caries distally in this tooth.

There is also bone loss and marked attrition of the teeth. I4 I substitute for a thorough clinical examination. The radiograph will not reveal whether the cavity is on the buccal or palatal surface of the tooth concerned. On occasions the cavity may be mistaken for occlusal decay, but careful examination of the radiograph will usually reveal the sharp outline of the edge of the lesion in the enamel when buccally or palatally placed. Erosion cavities buccally may give the appearance of caries on the radiograph and clinical examination is required in these cases.

Lateral perforations of the root may arise during attempted removal of old root fillings or fractured posts, or when it becomes necessary to construct a post crown where the pulp has completely calcified. _--------------' Figure 146. Periapical radiograph of a man aged 22 years, showing a narrow reamer through a lateral perforation in Ll. There is an apical area of bone change on this tooth. Figure 148. Periapical radiograph of LQ showing per foration of the floor of the pulp chamber and root Wing material at the trifurcation.

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