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The Poisson kernel Pr((}) is an approximate identity. 39) that Pr((}) dB = 2rr. Since Pr((}) > 0, the second property is automatically satisfied. To prove the third property, note that for IB I > 8 the denominator 1 + r 2 - 2r cos(} = (1- r) 2 + 2r(l- cos(}) > 2r(1- cos 8). Therefore in this interval we have Pr((}) < (1 - r 2 )/2r(l -cos 8), which tends to zero when r--+ 1. 6. Suppose that k(r, (}) is an approximate identity. 7) 1 lim - - { k(r, B)¢>(B) dB = L. 7) holdsforall ¢> E L 1 (1I') with limo--+o ¢>((}) = L.

29. Iff is of bounded variation on 'TI', then the partial sums of the Fourier series are uniformly bounded, in the form where C 1, C 2 are universal constants and Var f denotes the total variation of the signed measure defined by f. 30. Find values for the constants C1. C2. 31. Suppose that f is of bounded variation and continuous in a neighborhood of(). Prove that the partial sums converge uniformly in a closed interval containing (). Hint: Without loss of generality assume f monotone increasing.

Suppose thatf E Proof. 2 ) 4> d¢. ). J, 4> < 8. ], 4> s 8. On the other hand, the integral on [8, rr] tends to zero uniformly when e E [a I, bd, by the Riemann-Lebesgu e lemma. • The Riemann localization principle allows us to infer that if two functions agree on an interval, then the Fourier series are equiconvergent meaning that limn (Snf1 -S11 f2) = 0 on that interval. This phenomenon is no longer present in higher dimensional Fourier analysis, as we shall see. 8 Gibbs-Wilbra ham Phenomenon In the neighborhood of a discontinuity one cannot expect uniform convergence of the Fourier partial sums.

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