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By Alda Merini

Un alternarsi di orrore e solitudine, di incapacità di comprendere e di essere compresi, in una narrazione che nonostante tutto è un inno alla vita e alla forza del “sentire”. Alda Merini ripercorre il suo ricovero decennale in manicomio: il racconto della vita nella clinica psichiatrica, tra elettroshock sguardo della poetessa su questo inferno, come un’onda che alterna l. a. lucidità all’incanto. Un diario senza traccia di sentimentalismo o di facili condanne, in cui emerge lo “sperdimento”, ma anche los angeles sicurezza di sé e delle proprie emozioni in una sorta di innocenza primaria che tutto osserva e trasforma, senza mai disconoscere l. a. malattia, o l. a. fatica del non sentire i ritmi e i bisogni altrui, in una riflessione che si fa poesia, negli interrogativi e nei dubbi che divengono rime a lacerare il torpore, l’abitudine, l’indifferenza e l. a. paura del mondo che c’è “fuori”.

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36â•… Still Practicing Or maybe she is tired from all that studying. That was foolish. She worked so hard preparing that she is too tired to participate. With the help of her newly assigned psychotherapy supervisor, Joan figuresÂ� out her problem. She is too eager to please. She wants to succeed too much. And this is not just a problem in class. It colors her clinical work as well. In supervision she learns that she has trouble with anger. Anyone’s anger. The patient’s anger, her supervisor’s anger, her own anger, her Â�classmates’ anger.

Is that what beginning candidates most need?  … You had a consistency of word and deed. Your way of being with me was consonant with the values you were teaching. I learned something about how to be with my patient, from how you were with me. Somehow you balanced curiosity with patience. For me, then, curiosity was a drive that obliterated patience. It sometimes still works that way. Patience is not one of my virtues. But you taught me about it in how you contrasted with me. With you, for the first time, I was conscious of how powerfully contrast teaches.

It’s not that I considered myself not good before, but now I feel that I am more what I am supposed to be, including the way I see neutrality as part of my work. It is clear that one cannot be completely neutral. But now I am much more responsive and less involved. (p. 617) When I first read this I kept replaying these words in my head, for I felt they held something important for me to understand. But what could “more responsive and less involved” mean? In the same interview, when asked what frees her to speak her mind openly, Dr.

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