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By Ian Sherman (auth.), D. B. Scott, P. A. Pirazzoli, C. A. Honig (eds.)

A NATO complicated research Institute, "Late Quaternary Sea-level Correlation and Applications", was once held including the ultimate assembly of IGCP venture 2 hundred in Halifax, Canada, 19-30 July 1987. This quantity is a suite of the NATO Keynote Papers awarded at this assembly. The authors of those papers are from seven of the NATO international locations - every one from France, the U. ok. , Canada, and the U. S . A. , and one every one from Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. With those authors, we will gather paintings from almost the entire world's oceans with a number of diversified methods. the amount is devoted to Walter S. Newman, the most effective recognized and most sensible beloved sea-level employees of our time who died presently earlier than this convention. This quantity comprises certainly one of his final contributions and all participants to this quantity are honoured to be within the corporation of Walter's final paintings. There are a number of papers from North Atlantic nations facing Holocene sea point in various methods. Shennan summarizes info from the U. okay. and makes a initial attempt to put the knowledge within the context of a version. Zazo & Goy current new facts from the coast of Spain and position it in a stratigraphical context. Van de P1assche re­ assesses prior facts and provides new facts to the very sea-level delicate Dutch coast. Leatherman makes use of sea-level details within the Chesapeake sector to evaluate coastal administration problems.

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B285, 355-407. N. ' Proc. Geol. Ass .. 93, 65-90. Flemming. C. ' Proc. Geol. , 93, 113-25. Jelgersma, S. ' Marner (ed). Earth Rheology. Isostasy and Chichester:John Wiley. 435-47. E. Kaland. shorelines in 243-58. -A. Eustasy, 1984: 'Holocene shore displacement Norway. ' Hordaland. western Boreas. and 13. Linke. G. ' Probleme d. Klistenforsch i. slidl. Nordsegebiet. 14. 123-57. Louwe Kooijmans. , 1984: The Rhine/Meuse delta: Four studies on its prehistoric occupation and Holocene geology. J. Brill.

6 '" -0 >- -'0 ~ ·'2 z < 0:: UJ C> -'. -'. , YoH\lIf'n 6. "t4' delto ) Prvw oi lHl0l'lO -20 Fig. 2. Location map of the Fig. 3. Time-depth graphs, Netherlands with topographic based on basal peat data, by names mentioned in the text. Je1gersma (1961) . Abbreviations: A - A1kmaar; F - Friesland; G - Groningen; H - Haar1em; Me - Meuse; N-H - North-Holland; R - Rotterdam; RhRhine; ORh - Older Rhine; S-H - South-Holland; TH - The Hague; VVe1zen; Z - Zeeland (after H. Harlan Mo1enaarsgraaf).

A ~~~----------------------~ Fig. 6. MSL curve for the western Netherlands by Louwe Kooijmans (1976) (slightly modified after Van de Plassche, 1982). 46 The MHW curve of Roeleveld (1974)(Fig . 5) is a by-product of his stratigraphic-analytical approach to the coastal sedimentary sequences encountered in the Province of Groningen. Because the compaction factor could not be eliminated (or assumed negligible), the true MHW curve for the Groningen coastal area should lie slightly above Roeleveld's curve, except for the oldest part of his curve which is too high due to the fact that the indirectly derived age of his oldest/deepest time-depth point (ca.

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