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So don’t look for such purposes. Such purposes have worked at cross purposes with life. 47 Living Life to the Fullest Life and Death in One Breath Questioner: Sadhguru, can you define love for us? Sadhguru: Defining love. Somewhere, the way the human being is right now, no matter where he is in his life, no matter what he is or what he has achieved, somewhere there is a sense of insufficiency. The way he is right now is not enough, he wants to include something else as a part of himself to make himself more complete.

Something is being served for both people; so any relationship can work for a short while. When we are talking about managing relationships, we are talking about long-term ways that work. So this is a simple thing you can do with yourself. Just spend twenty-four hours, simply sit and see what kind of person this one is, what kind of mind, what kind of emotions he has. And see if you would like to form a relationship with this person. If not, we need to do something about this one, isn’t it? 32 Living Life to the Fullest Life and Death in One Breath Questioner: So, if you spend twenty-four hours with yourself and you do not like what you see, how do you transform that?

Because the basic identity, the wrong identification has started with the physical body and mind. Now what we refer to as a spiritual process is just that in your experience you create a distance between you and your physical body, between you and your mind. These two accumulations, you learn to use them well, but you do not get identified with them. The moment you are not identified with these two, you will not be identified with anything. You can play your game whichever way you want in the world, but you will not get entangled.

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