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By Virginia M. Kimball

The traditional Christian Church embodied the truths of God's revelation in prayer and hymns. throughout the precept of "lex orandi, lex credendi (the phrases of prayer express the best way of faith)" we will see the continuing truths that have been held sacred and expensive by way of the devoted of early a long time. utilizing this technique in knowing the illuminations of early Christian liturgy, we find specifically the truths present in the Morning Prayer that trouble the Theotokos (an historical time period for the girl who bore God.) the traditional liturgy is a resource which could turn into invaluable to ecumenical knowing among Roman Catholic and jap Orthodox theology and the Reformation church buildings. The examine of this liturgical resource starts off with a advice by way of Pope John Paul II who recommended the quest for attractiveness and fact within the historical liturgical texts.

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112 A contemporary author, Stephen Benko, examines the ancient cults and claims a continuing element that perpetuates the feminine archetype of God in Mary in terms of goddess worship. He does, however, refer to “tradition” in its best definition, but then appears to negate any “tradition” that existed from the earliest of times, for example, in the sense of Mary as queen: Tradition can be ascertained from the works of the church fathers and other ecclesiastical authors and from the liturgy, the official form of public worship in which the church gives expression to what it believes.

Now, in contemporary times, the monks of this American monastery are urging the faithful to study and familiarize themselves with the liturgies. This is the reason the Transfiguration Monastery, which dedicates itself to a very strict form of “orthodoxy,” set out to undertake such a vast project as these translations. ” 86 In many ways, the overall eastern orthodox tradition is called the secret of contemporary days because its members have not only kept the riches hidden in ethnic customs and language, but they themselves have accepted services with long periods of readings and liturgical actions they no longer comprehend nor understand.

Now, in the new millennium, we see an urgency to explore these very same themes in terms of Christian life and a renewal of spirituality and unity in Christ. In a 1989 dissertation study on the Assumption, Fr. Paul E. Dugan concluded, among other issues, that Marian devotion “indicates” some beginning points that “may guide” doctrinal study of Mary: Marialis cultus indicates some orientations for Marian devotion that may also guide the doctrinal presentation of the mystery of Mary, and consequently the study of the mystery of the Assumption.

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