Download Madame Guillotine: The French Revolution (Real Life by Simon Farrell, Jon Sutherland, Brian Williams 1943 PDF

By Simon Farrell, Jon Sutherland, Brian Williams 1943

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If you miss, go to 195. If you hit him, go to 207. If you wait to see what he will do, go to 197. 155 The old man falls to the ground. Ignoring him, you glance around the hallway of the farmhouse. A shuffling sound alerts you and, spinning around, you see two burly farmhands with pitch-forks pointing at you. As the seconds tick by, step-by-step they get closer. From the fixed look upon their faces they seem quite willing and able - to deal with you. Will you draw your sword and fight them (go to 220) or will you carefully unbuckle your belt and let your sword drop to the ground (go to 22)?

Striding to the back of the wagon, go to 78. 158 Leaving your horses by the roadside, you detail one man to look after them, while the rest of you make a cautious approach through the undergrowth. Nothing disturbs the calm of the forest as you approach, and you manage to reach the wagon without any reaction from any possible occupants. Now go to 233. 159 Reaching the ship, you are welcomed aboard by the Captain, who immediately orders his men to set sail. As the coastline of your country fades into the darkness, your emotions are mixed.

Help me! Nodding, you smile and apologize aloud for doubting him. Even as you speak, you are weighing up possible plans. They boil down to two: Will you go directly to the door with the guard behind it and confront him (go to 294) or will you pretend to leave, then attack him when he emerges from his hiding place (go to 45)? You cannot just walk away, because you are certain that there will be revolutionaries waiting at the cove for you. 104 The end is inevitable, your mother has lost the will to live.

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