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By Emiliano Mutti, William R. Normark (auth.), J. K. Leggett, G. G. Zuffa (eds.)

Tarquin Teale, a sedimentology/stratigraphy postgraduate pupil on the Royal institution of Mines, was once killed in a highway twist of fate south of Rome on 17 October 1985. untimely loss of life is a sort of tragedy which may make havoc of the ordered development which we strive to impose on our lives. As mom and dad, kinfolk and neighbors, we know this, and but by some means while it touches our personal international there is not any comfort to be stumbled on wherever. In Tarquin's case the enormity of the loss felt via these people who knew him can slightly be expressed in phrases. Tarquin had every little thing which we aspire to. His fellow graduate scholars envied his dramatic growth in study. We his advisors, in appreciating this development, marvelled at how refreshingly infrequent it used to be to determine such precocious expertise mixed with the sort of being concerned, modest and well-balanced character. He was once des­ tined for the top honours in geoscience and there's no doubt that he might have lived a lifestyles, had he been granted the opportunity, which might have unfold color, highbrow perception and goodness.

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H. Bouma, W. R. Normark and N. E. Barnes (Eds), Submarine Fans and Related Turbidite Systems, Springer-Verlag, New York, pp. 179-183. Clifton, H. E. (1981). Submarine canyon deposits, Point Lobos, California, in V. 6, San Francisco Annual Meeting, pp. 79-92. Clifton, H. E. (1984). Sedimentation units in stratified deep-water conglomerate, Paleocene submarine canyon fill, Point Lobos, California, in E. H. Koster and R. J. Steele (Eds), Sedimentology of Gravels and Conglomerates, Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, Mem.

G. 50 m swath width) or large-scale bottom photographs will be necessary to actually define the relief features in this zone. 4. For large modern fans, limited surveying with the SeaMARC I deep-tow system appears to provide the only other glimpse of channel-lobe transition features (O'Connell, 1986). The area of termination of the main leveed channel is not well constrained with existing data, however, and channel segments of varying relief and extent cover a large area (10000 km 2 ) that has been termed a depositional lobe (Normark and Meyer, 1986).

A(·P·· '---"I CROSS - STRATIFIED COARSE- A BOUMA SEQUENCE GRAINED DEPOSIT Fig. 14. Processes and resulting erosional and depositional features related to hydraulic jumps in turbidity currents. A: Relatively small-volume, sand-laden flows with minor amounts of fines. B: Large-volume, sand-laden flows that contain a large proportion of fines. See text for discussion, and Fig. 23, p. 409, in Mutti (1979). Ancient channel-lobe transition characteristics In ancient turbidite systems, specific facies and facies associations related to the channel-lobe transition have been briefly described only by Cazzola et al.

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