Download Mental Fitness Puzzles: A Lateral Thinking Approach by Kyle Hendrickson, Julie Hendrickson, Matt Kenneke, Danny PDF

By Kyle Hendrickson, Julie Hendrickson, Matt Kenneke, Danny Hendrickson

Get mentally healthy by way of workout your mind on those wonderful pondering puzzles! tough and difficult, they call for a versatile thought-process and a capability to determine past the most obvious. Are you as much as the duty? for instance: whereas in his neighborhood pub, J.P. comes again from the lavatory and sees a person stealing his pockets. rather than confronting the thief, J.P. simply stands there and watches him spend the money. are you able to clarify this passive reaction? (Answer: J.P is a counterfeiter who sought after the pockets snatched; he may well then money and notice if the money might cross as genuine.) attempt to determine this one out: Jim develops an difficult plan to flee from legal. He succeeds, and truly telephones the legal guards to inform them the place he's. yet they do not carry him again to legal! Why? (Jim wasn't a convict, yet an individual employed by way of professionals to check their safety system.) another treacherously tough puzzle offers with a "wonder girl" who can movement a two-ton piece of kit without aid (she's an astronaut in a boat with 0 gravity, the place items are weightless). in case you are having hassle, clue pages may help you in your method! Sterling ninety six pages, a hundred b/w illus., five 3/8 x eight 1/4.

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