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By L. M. Nyhus (auth.), Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Volker Schumpelick, Dr. med. Lloyd M. Nyhus (eds.)

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6% of cases. 6% no information about the material used was given in the records. 34 I The Problem: How to Treat a Hernia Table 2. 6 Incisional Hernia Incidence In 129 of 2983 cases the manifestation of primary IH was observed during follow up either clinically (127 cases) or sonographically (2 cases). 3%. 8%. 7% (Table 2). 4% of patients with IH), the time point of IH manifestation was known. 9% after 5 years. 7% IH became apparent after 12 months; more than 50% of hernias occurred after more than 18 months.

We have seen, that 68% of the recurrences appear more than 3 years after previous operation. The result of what we do today is not the 14% of recurrences. Did you correct the number of recurrences to the number of patients, as one of them could have several operations for recurrences? Stumpf You are right, the data weren't corrected, they are just epidemiological data. Kehlet: Compared to Scotland, Sweden and Denmark, you have a very low use of Lichtenstein in Germany. What is the reason for that?

Van Vroonhoven TJMV, Schattenkerk ME, Veen HF, Ponsen RJG, Jeekel J. Fascia closure after midline laparotomie: results of a randomised trial. Br JSurg 1987; 74: 738-41 31. Zimmermann G, Muller G, Haid A. Chirurgische Therapie der Narbenhernien. Chirurg 1991; 62: 656-62 Discussion Schumpelick: Could it be that there are patients who are so prone to recurrence that there should be a mesh primary to avoid the incisional hernia? Junge: I think we will discuss in further sessions about the biological background of incisional hernia formation.

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