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By Rui M. S. Cruz, Igor Khmelinskii, Margarida Vieira

This ebook experiences equipment of research and detection within the sector of nutrition technology and expertise. every one bankruptcy offers with determination/quantification analyses of caliber parameters in meals, overlaying issues equivalent to lipids, colour, texture, and rheological homes in several foodstuff items. The publication specializes in the most typical tools of study, featuring methodologies for particular paintings stipulations. It offers a reference for meals engineers and researchers operating within the region of nutrients technological know-how and expertise in addition to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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1).  Power law model: V= KIn eq. 28) n Herschel-Bulkley model:V= Vo+ KI eq. sⁿ) and n is flow behaviour index (dimensionless) expressing the extent of deviation from Newtonian behaviour. Dependence of the flow behaviour of fluid foods on temperature can be described by the Arrhenius relationship (Saravacos 1970; Rao 1986; Steffe 1996): K = AK exp (EK / RT ) eq. 314 J/mol K), and T is absolute temperature (K). Textural and Rheological Properties of Fruit and Vegetables 23 Yield stress is the point when the shear stress-shear rate curve starts showing deviation of shear rate from zero.

8A). The torque generated due to the drag of the fluid on the cone is measured as one of the members rotates while the other remains stationary. Test quality is best when the cone angle (θ) is small, and large errors may be encountered when the gap is improperly set or not well maintained. 8 Types of viscometers. The shear stress may be determined for a cone-and-plate configuration as: 3M 2p R 3 while the shear rate is calculated as: n= g = rW W = r tan q tan q eq. 53) eq. 54) Some of the merits of the cone-and-plate method include (i) small sample size (roughly one gram), (ii) uniform shear rate and (iii) easy to load the sample and clean the instrument.

Physical Properties of Foods. Elsevier Applied Science. London. A. 1977. Measurement of flow properties of fluid foods—developments, limitations and interpretation of phenomena. Journal of Texture Studies. 8: 257–282. A. 1987. Predicting the flow properties of food suspensions of plant origin. Food Technology. 41(3): 85–88. A. O. 1974. Flow properties of tropical fruit purees. Journal of Food Science. 39: 160–161. A. 1986. Rheological properties of fluid foods. A. H. ). Engineering Properties of Foods, Academic Press, San Diego, USA.

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