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The dipole is located in the screened part. In the case of a continuous rod, the medium filling the volume V^ is a dielectric with e > t^, while in the case of a dielectric tube the medium is partially air with € = €Q, and partially dielectric with €> Other types of microwave antennas can also be represented in this manner. , the field in the volume V^ (Fig. , the field in the space V . Both fields are mutually coupled and this a coupling is expressed in the introduction of the above boundary conditions.

1 , 1 5 © ) represents an artificial dielectric composed of disks and is equivalent to a rod of circular cross-section of artificial dielectric, For surface-wave antennas, as for dielectric, the electro­ magnetic wave radiated by the exciter propagates in the form of a plane wave along the guide, These plane waves, guided by the grooves or dielectric surfaces as well as by rods of CUSSIFICATION, STRUCTURE AND OPERATING PRINCIPLES 55 36 MICROiTAVE ANTENNAS Pig. 1 . 1 7 . Circuit for excitation of cylindrical áurface-wave antenna using the aper­ ture of a circular waveguide.

As well as these, a condition at infinity is imposed on the FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM AND METHODS FOR SOLUTION 41 required solution (the so-called radiation condition) which, in the final analysis, may he reduced to the requirement that at large distances f rom the system under consideration the field should have the character of spherical waves pro­ ceeding from the antenna. Rigorous solutions of certain problems in electrodynamics are currently known which may be applied in the theory of microwave antennas.

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