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By Professor Dr. Rodica Branzei, Dr. Dinko Dimitrov, Professor Dr. Stef Tijs (auth.)

This booklet investigates types in cooperative online game conception during which the avid gamers have the chance to cooperate partly. In a crisp video game the brokers are both totally concerned or no longer concerned in any respect in coperation with another brokers, whereas in a fuzzy video game avid gamers are allowed to cooperate with endless many various participation degrees, various from non-cooperation to complete cooperation. A multi-choice video game describes the intermediate case during which every one participant can have a set variety of task degrees. assorted set and one-point answer strategies for those video games are provided. The homes of those resolution thoughts and their interrelations on numerous periods of crisp, fuzzy, and multi-choice video games are studied. functions of the investigated versions to many financial occasions are indicated as well.

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2 ' 2 4 ifs=(i,i). Let / i = {a: € R 2 I n > 0, 0:2 > 0, xi + a;2 = 1}. Then (i) C{v) = C^(v) = DC(t;) = I{v) = A, (ii) Civ,) = C^(t;i) = 0, DCivi) = I{vi) = Z\, (iii) Civ2) = 0, C^(«2) = DCiv2) = I{V2) = A, (iv) for v,vi, and V2, the imputation set Zi is the unique stable set. Note that V2{s) +EiGiV\car(s)^2(eO > ^2(e^) for s = ( i , i ) and C^{v2) = DC{v2). 9 for the equality C^{v) = DC{v) is not a necessary condition. In the next example we give a fuzzy game v with C{v) / DC{v) and C{v) 7^ 0.

23 we have C{v) = {xe I{v) I Xi < Mi{N,v) for 8illieN\C}. Let ie S\C. Then ais = aiMi{S,v) < Mi{S,v). Also, Yli^s^iS = v{S), so {ais)i^s satisfies eflDLciency. To prove individual rationality, consider the following three cases: - Let i G 5 \ C. Then ats = a^Mi(5, v)>0 = v (i); Let i e S n C and \C\ — 1. Then C = {i} and by construction a^ = Y^jec ^j = ^- Hence ais > aic = aiv{C) = v{i)\ Let i G 5 n C and \C\ > 1. Then ais > aic = aiv{C) > 0 = v{i)^ since every player in C is a veto player. Consequently, (a^^)^^^ ^-^^ is a bi-mas.

Suppose I{v) ^ 0. 8 it follows that C^{y) C DC(y). We show the converse inclusion by proving that x ^ G^{v) implies x ^ DC(y). Let x G I{v) \ C^{v). Then there is 5 G VTQ^ such that J2ieN ^*^* < v{s). - = i^car{s) ^ ^ s* (Xi+Si). iv"w:)r^'^^ ^^'*' + ^^ for ^^^h z ^ car(s). i^N\car{s) ' ^ ( e ' ) - ^ > 0, we havc Di > t'(e') for each i e N\car{s), Hence y G /(t^). Now, since yi > xi for all i G car{s) and X^^GA^ ^*^^ ~ '^(^) we have y dom^ re; thus x G /(t') \ DC{v). 10. Let t; G FG^. Take the crisp game it; = cr(y).

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