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215. What is the capillary pressure p in a mercury droplet of diameter d = 1 m at 15°, if the surface tension of mercury at this temperature is s = 487 dyne cm? 216. 8 cm if the surface tension of the soap solution is s = 40 dyne cm-1? 38 MOLECULAR PHYSICS AND THERMODYNAMICS 217. 02 mm in the bottom of a vessel. To what height h can the vessel be filled with mercury before any flows out through the crack? 6 gcm-1. The surface tension (at 15°) is s = 487 dyne cm. 218. 05 mm separate at the bottom of a pond of depth h = 2 m.

One gram of cane sugar (molecular weight 342) is dissolvedin 100 cm3 water. Find the boiling-point of this solution at standard atmospheric pressure. 96 gcm-3, the latent heat of vaporisation is 539 calgl. 263. Find the freezing-point of the solution of the previous problem at atmospheric pressure. The latent heat of melting is q = 80 calg-1. 264. 05°. Find the freezing-point t of the solution at the same pressure. The heat of melting of ice is q l = 80 calg-1, the heat of vaporisation ofwater is q 2 = 539ca1g1.

Is amplification of the wave possible, and under what conditions? CHAPTER II ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR PHYSICS § 8. STRUCTURE OF THE ATOM AND SPECTRA 366. Find the frequency of vibration of the electron in J. J. Thomson's model of the atom with one electron. In this model the atom is a sphere with a charge + e distributed uniformly over the sphere; inside the sphere a point charge — e (the electron) moves. 367. How many spectral lines can be radiated by Thomson's model of the atom with one electron? What must be the radius of the atom if it radiates the wavelength l = 5000 A?

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