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By Peter K. T. Pang

Vertebrate Endocrinology: basics and Biomedical Implications, quantity 1: Morphological issues presents details pertinent to vertebrate endocrine platforms, which has major contributions to simple organic and biomedical study. This booklet discusses the sensible implications of the endocrinological experiences.
Organized into 15 chapters, this quantity begins with an summary of the endocrine procedure in decrease vertebrates, which has supplied easy information regarding the certainty of mammalian and human platforms. this article then discusses the pituitary gland, that is thought of to be functionally and structurally the main advanced organ of the endocrine approach. different chapters reflect on the functionality of the pineal organ as a sensory organ able to perceiving gentle stimuli in poikilothermic vertebrates. This ebook discusses besides the caudal neurosecretory approach in lampreys, hagfish, holocephalans, and dipnoans. the ultimate bankruptcy offers the comparative morphology of the classical vertebrate endocrine organs.
Endocrinologists, biologists, graduate scholars, and researchers will locate this ebook valuable.

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Infraclass Teleostei. , 1973; Follenius et ai, 1978; van Oordt and Peute, 1983). Teleosts represent the most diverse group 2 . Pituitary Gland 29 of vertebrates, with more than 20,000 extant species recorded. Inasmuch as they occupy every conceivable habitat, it would not be surprising to find this variability reflected in a number of different patterns of pituitary organiza­ tion and function. However, this is generally not the case, for within all this diversity there are common anatomical, histological, and cytological denom­ inators.

Comparisons of adult Pacific lamprey (Entosphenus tridentia) and the Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stouti). Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 37, 2 9 4 - 3 0 5 . Crim, J. W . , Urano, A . , and Gorbman, A . (1979b). Immunocytochemical studies of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone in brains of agnathan fishes. II. Patterns of immunoreactivity in larval and maturing Western brook lamprey (Lampetra richardson). Gen. Comp. Endo­ crinol. 38, 2 9 0 - 2 9 9 . Del Conte, E . (1969). The corticotroph cells of the anterior pituitary gland of a reptile: Cnemidophorus lemniscatus (Sauria, Teiidae).

This morphological pat­ tern presents a model system with which to study the interaction between distinct regions of neurohypophysis and adenohypophysis and the specific role of the vascular system which connects them physiologically. The ele­ gantly designed and readily accessible median eminence in amphibia is well suited for surgical intervention and for the administration of humoral and chemical agents into the portal system and could, therefore, be useful to further investigate central nervous system and endocrine system interac­ tions.

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