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By Zhe-Yu Jeff Ou

Multi-Photon Quantum Interference covers the phenomena of quantum interference throughout the multi-photon results of photon correlation. The author’s concentration is at the temporal correlation between photons and the way it impacts the interference effect.

Included is dialogue of a few of the well-known multi-photon interference schemes, corresponding to Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer and Franson Interferometer for two-photon process, quantum country teleportation and swapping for four-photon approach, and quantum kingdom reconstruction for multi-photon procedure. a different function of the e-book is its quantitative characterization of photon indistinguishability and its connection to interference effects.

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66) for ease of calculation. 69) or the bandwidth of down-conversion. Normally the bandwidth of down-conversion is as wide as 1012∼13 Hz so that Tc ∼ 1 ps. 12] and later by Friberg et al. 14] to directly measure the correlation function G(2) (τ ) failed to find the dependence on the function g(τ ) because optical detectors have a typical resolving time of the order of TR ∼ 100 ps. So, the measurement by Burnham and Weinberg and by Friberg et al. merely gave the electronic response function. Nevertheless, these pioneering experiments proved that the photons produced in the parametric down-conversion process are highly correlated in time with far shorter correlation time than with any other source known at that time.

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