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By Chris Brenton

For execs operating in advanced community environments, this article discusses easy methods to layout, enforce, and troubleshoot multiprotocol environments. It covers NetWare/IntranetWare, NT Server, Unix and Lotus Notes and covers all features of multiprotocol networking.

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The dialetric is typically a ceramic/plastic mix that helps to reduce the amount of EMI produced by the copper core during data transmission. The dialetric resists the creation of the EMI waves, thus reducing noise and signal loss. The braided cable serves two functions, one as a conductor, the other as a shield. All electrical circuits need a complete path to transmit energy. The braided cable acts as the return path or ground of the circuit. The braided cable’s job is to maintain a voltage of zero volts.

Otherwise, your home office may not be able to contact the remote network unless the connection has already been initiated by the remote office. Another misconception is that a firewall or some other form of network protection is not required with an ISDN connection to the Internet. In fact, when an ISDN connection is active, a network is just as susceptible to attack as if it is linked to the Internet with a full-time connection. Because ISDN is digital, it is not directly compatible with devices such as analog phones and faxes.

As twisted- pair cable and other transmission media struggle to break the 100 Mbps barrier, fiber is already enjoying throughputs of 655 Mbps with ATM and even 1 Gbps under the new Ethernet specifications. If you remember that twisted- pair cable started out at 1 Mbps and has currently grown by a factor of 100, it’s safe to say that we have not even begun to scratch the surface of what fiber-optic cable will handle. The secret lies in its transmission properties. If you remember the discussion on transmission basics earlier in this chapter, you’ll recall how EMI radiates out from an electrical cable whenever the voltage or frequency changes.

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