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By M. A. Tiengo (auth.), M. A. Tiengo MD (eds.)

Dedicated to Camillo Golgi, a neuroscience pioneer, the quantity offers with the method of prognosis and the innovations of therapy of discomfort. the latest facts at the biochemical foundation of neurotransmission are stated, and the result of up-to-date researches in ache processing, both about the brainstem, the thalamus and the limbic procedure are analysed. the significance of the moral element in decision-making through the therapy of terminally in poor health sufferers is underlined.

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At the same time some DRG neurons with A-p fibers begin to express substance P and cGRP after injury. Spared DRG neurons also show increased expression of substance P and cGRP that are regulated by NGF. According to their high conduction velocity, the Ao neurons that become rhythmogenic following axotomy are muscle afferents. It remains to be explained how an input limited to A and excluding C fibers can be the causative factor for triggering central sensitization [13]. After partial nerve injury uninjured primary afferents serving the partially denervated tissue develop abnormal responses and C- fiber nociceptors develop spontaneous activity.

Adrenergic excitation of primary afferents can also occur at the dorsal root ganglion and at the axonal site of injury, and this excitation can be blocked by a antagonists [17]. Appearance of a novel adrenergic responsiveness after partial nerve damage is related to sympathetic denervation of blood vessels and other non-neural tissues: there is evidence that removal of sympathetic innervation to the tissue in which the C-fiber polymodal nociceptors are located induces adrenergic responsiveness [18].

Interestingly, the largest numbers of retrogradely labelled cells in the spino-thalamic and spino-mesencephalic tracts in the rat were also found to be in the upper cervical cord, thus suggesting a common functional organisation of several ascending somatosensory pathways (see references in [25]). Inputs to the cervical enlargement can originate from different sources, including from collaterals of ascending axons. Within the framework of this hypothesis, one could envisage that at least some inputs to SRD neurones have relays in the upper cervical cord.

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