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By Alexis T. Bell

This quantity offers an summary of the purposes of contemporary solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) suggestions to the examine of catalysts, catalytic strategies, species adsorbed on catalysts and structures proper to heterogeneous catalysis. It characterizes the constitution of catalytic fabrics and surfaces.

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The template can also be used to summarize the PK data and make it available to the drug discovery team as an e-mail attachment. The reason that this simple assay is still accurate is that triple quadrupole mass spectrometers are generally linear over at least one to two orders of magnitude. 3). , clearance, half-life, AUC, volume of distribution). Therefore, these assays need to be more rigorous. 4, the rules for the level II assays are more extensive than for level I assays. The biggest change is the need for a multipoint standard curve (a minimum of five concentrations is required).

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A strategy for a post-method-validation use of incurred biological samples for establishing the acceptability of a liquid chromatography/tandem mass-spectrometric method for quantitation of drugs in biological samples, Rapid Commun. , 16(16), 1538, 2002. 72. A. et al. Higher throughput metabolite identification in drug discovery: current capabilities and future trends, Am. Pharm. , 4(1), 45, 2001. 73. J. et al. Systematic LC/MS metabolite identification in drug discovery, Anal. , 73(15), 430A, 2001.

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