Download Now You See It, Now You Don't!: Lessons in Sleight of Hand by Bill Tarr PDF

By Bill Tarr

A brand new and easy learn-by-picture technique that makes it effortless for somebody elderly twelve and as much as practice all of the vintage sleights simply as they're performed by means of the world's maximum expert magicians. Long-time magician invoice Tarr has teamed up with Barry Ross, an illustrator well-known for his tutorial activities diagrams, for easy-to-follow, step by step directions, in order that with the aid of greater than 1,500 line drawings that seize every one eye-fooling stream, you'll study every thing from uncomplicated sleights you could grasp in mins to the good classics of magic. With traditional items -- a customary deck of playing cards, a coin from someone's pocket, a couple of balls of crumpled aluminum foil -- you'll quickly be doing ...

Card Fanning

Springing the playing cards from Hand-to-Hand

The Lit-Cigarette Trick

The Three-Shell Game

The Cups and Balls

Three-Card Monte

The lower and Restored Rope

The Miser's Dream

plus ...

Unbelievable Card Tricks

Coin and Cigarette Vanishes

and dozens and dozens of the world's maximum sleight-of-hand results!

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2 R. hand fz s x i=ne- ha" between R. t h c ~ kant' 3. 2 2 n d 3 R. hand comes over to L. and pulls it away :o c i ~ h f . - 7 Continue as before, but this 8 grasp selected card and the time tips of R. thumb and R. 2 here's how it looks close up few more cards that come with it .... 9 and secretly hold them slightly apart from rest of packet. the classic method of "forcing a spectator to select the card you want him to take " i( Secretly glimpse bottom card. l5 Keep track of card to be forced, and 2 Cut glimpsed card to center of deck 6 time the selected card to appear as spectator's finge near deck, force ** not as natural as the classic force but it works every time k fSecretly glimpse top card of deck.

2. and 3. L. 2, 3 and 4 remain along top right edge of deck. Both hands pivot to right and as they do transposition *++ a terrific effect, quick, startling, almost magical, but don 't t r y it until you have had lots of experience. . the effect Magician shuffles pack, shows top card and places it in his pocket. He shows the next card, places it face down on the table and asks spectator to hold his hand over it. Magician removes his card from pocket face down. He and spectator turn their respective cards face up at the same instant, and lo and behold, the cards have changed places!

Hand and cards several inches off to the right. Say "Three" and repeat identical moves with third card. Say "Four" but this time as cards in R. hand cover cards in L. hand, L. 1 buckles the bottom card (nearest audience) and places the balance of the cards as one, under the R. thumb just as with the previous single cards. Say "Five" and remove the last card in the same manner. You held eight cards but they appeared to be five. When you can do this smoothly and unhesitatingly, add more cards and continue practicing until you can make seventeen cards appear to be five .

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