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By Yuli M. Ivanchenko

Building on Wilson's renormalization crew, the authors have built a unified procedure that not just reproduces identified effects but additionally yields new effects. a scientific exposition of the modern concept of part transitions, the booklet comprises unique discussions of phenomena in Heisenberg magnets, granular super-conducting alloys, anisotropic structures of dipoles, and liquid-vapor transitions. compatible for complex undergraduates in addition to graduate scholars in physics, the textual content assumes a few wisdom of statistical mechanics, yet is in a different way self-contained.

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6. THE GINZBURG CRITERION 23 (1967) for superconductivity and superfluidity. Nonetheless, the absence of the order parameter does not necessarily mean the absence of a phase transition. As it has been shown by Berezinsky (1970, 1971), in a system with a two-component order parameter there is a phase transition of a special kind leading to the appearance of rigidity in relation to the transverse Huctuations in the low temperature phase. This phase transition is very unusual and it happens to be in the system of long-wavelength, nonlinear, topological excitations, vortex excitations.

18) 17(r). Finally we arrive at the traditional form of the Ginzburg-Landau functional (see Eq. 8)) with T2 c e3 = T2 2 {lo¥:et, 0: = {lo¥:U, ~ 3 {l0¥fW. 19) It is interesting to check the qualitative estimate for the microscopic scale TO found in Chapter 1. According to Sect. 3, TO = (Tc b/0: 2 )1/d, on the other hand, using the parameters obtained in Eq. 19), we arrive at 1 TO = a (;;:) d , from which it is seen that the estimate for TO corresponds to the genuine microscopic scale a, since usually the factor (W/U2)1/d is of the order of unity.

The deviation of the probability distribution function from Gaussian is closely related to the infinite increase of the correlation length in the critical point. The system can no longer be divided into statistically independent subsystems. 12 Therefore, in this region traditional methods starting from independent noninteracting quasiparticles (here fluctuations) will fail and nonperturbational approaches should be developed. An extremely important step in understanding the critical behavior in the fluctuation region was the scaling hypothesis.

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