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By Stefan Roth

This publication reports fresh contributions of electron positron colliders to the precision try of the electroweak typical version. It incorporates a brief precis of the measurements on the Z resonance and offers an summary of the electroweak strategies above the Z. therefore, measurements of the W mass at LEP are mentioned intimately. overdue chapters provide an outlook on electroweak physics on the destiny LHC. additionally good points many illustrations and tables.

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The Feynman diagrams of single-W production Because the γWW vertex is involved, the single-W cross section depends on the two parameters describing this vertex, κγ and λγ (see Sect. 8). These form factors are related to the magnetic dipole and the electric quadrupole moment of the W boson and the Standard Model predicts them to be κγ = 1 and λγ = 0 at tree level. Higher order contributions are small and potential deviations from these predictions would point to non-standard radiative corrections or an internal structure of the W boson.

The measurement of the peak cross sections strongly depends on the accuracy of the determination of the integrated luminosity. From the measurement of the total width from the lineshape scan and all visible partial widths one can determine the invisible partial width for Z → ν ν¯: Γinv = ΓZ − Γhad − Γee − Γµµ − Γτ τ . 10) Assuming that Γinv = Nν Γν , where Γν is the partial width into pairs of a single neutrino species, one obtains Nν = where Γℓℓ is the partial width into one species of charged leptons, assuming vanishing lepton masses.

Because of the steep rise of the differential cross section of Bhabha scattering when going to small scattering angles the spatial accuracy of the monitors is of crucial importance. A detailed description of the luminosity measurement is found in Sect. 5. In the following examples, the detection capabilities of the five experiments are presented. The SLD experiment exploited the special feature of a linear collider where beams with very tiny diameters are brought into collision. 8 cm from the beam line.

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