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By Orazio Svelto

This 5th variation of ideas of Lasers contains corrections to the former version in addition to being the 1st on hand as an e-book. Its project is still to supply a extensive, unified description of laser habit, physics, know-how, and applications.

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100)]. , la2(OW = 1), the atom is in unstable equilibrium and no radiation occurs. 2. Quantum Electrodynamic Approach Although a quantum electrodynamic approach is beyond the scope of this book, it is worthwhile to summarize the results obtained from such an approach and compare them with the semiclassical results. The most relevant results of this approach can be summarized as follows(S,6): (1) Unlike the 48 2 • Interaction of Radiation with Matter semiclassical case, the time behavior of la21 2is now always described to a good approximation (Wigner-Weisskopf approximation) by an exponential law.

When looked at in this way one can then say that this broadening mechanism indeed belongs to the inhomogeneous category as defined at the beginning of this section. 75) we get the desired distribution by establishing the condition that g*( II~ - 110) dll~ = Pv dv. 3 • Absorption and Stimulated Emission 39 ° The function g*(v - vo) = g*(~v) is plotted versus ~v in Fig. 8. 78) Such a curve is called Gaussian. 80) Thus, for a given linewidth, the Gaussian curve is more peaked than the Lorentzian curve.

By experimentally measuring this ratio with a sufficiently monochromatic radiation, we can obtain the value of a for that particular incident wavelength. 86) once Nl and N2 are known. 8). The instrument used to measure the absorption coefficient a is known as an absorption spectrophotometer. We note, however, that an absorption measurement obviously cannot be performed for a transition in which levell is empty. This, for instance, occurs when level 1 is not the ground level and its energy above the ground level energy is much larger than kT.

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