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B) Aggradation and extension of the Ascension valley toward the southwest allowed turbidity currents to flow around the western end of the Chumash Fracture Zone ridge. Menard (1955) first suggested the diversionary effect of this ridge. (C) When the fracture zone trough was filled, sediment from the Monterey Valley system was still dammed north of the ridge and may have contributed some sediment to the westward growth of the fan. The topographic lows between individual seamount peaks on the fracture zone ridge were breached as the fan continued to aggrade toward the southwest.

All these "shallow" mass flows are originated by meteorological catastrophic events. Changes of composition can be associated with grading: they point out hydraulic sorting within the flow. Typical is the case of carbonate or mixed, brecciola-type turbidites, where benthic remains are concentrated in the basal portion and plankton prevails in the upper one. As already pointed out, the turbulent suspension is the most se= lective among mass flows. It can also produce tractive lamination on top of, or within the graded sand.

AKNOWLEDGEMENTS This paper is based on research carried out in the last years with the financial support of Italian Governme nt (Minister o Pub= blica Istruzion e, Consiglio Nazianale Ricerche ). Zuffa and NATO for the invitatio n to the Cosenza Meeting, and to colleague s who participa ted in it and provided useful criticism and suggestio ns for this draft. W. , 1980, Factsand princip1es of wor1d petro1eum occurrence: rea1ms of subsidence: Can. Soc. Petr. Geo1. Mem. 9-94. , GIANNINI, E. , 1980, Evo1uzione de11'Appennino settentriona1e secondo un nuovo modello strutturale: Mem.

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