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That during the whole period of which I am speaking we can expect scarcely the same amount of progress 13 ; 27 14 15 16 17 QUINTILIAN sed tamen mihi, qui dissenserunt, videntur non tarn discentibus in hac parte 18 quantulumcunque fastidiamus pepercisse. usque ad septern annos lucrum est, Nam ? certe quod contulerit aetas discet puer ipso 19 quam docentibus Quid melius alioqui facient, ex quo loqui poterunt? Faciant enim aliquid necesse est. Aut cur hoc, Hoc et illo quamlibet parvura sit, maiora tamen aliqua prior, anno, quo per singulos prorogatum minora didicisset.

Writing is of the utmost importance in the study which we have under consideration and by its means alone can true and deeply rooted But a sluggish pen delays proficiency be obtained. our thoughts, while an unformed and illiterate hand cannot be deciphered, a circumstance which necessitates another wearisome task, namely the dictation of what we have written to a copyist. We shall 29 therefore at all times and in all places, and above all when we are writing private letters to our friends, find a gratification in the thought that we have not neglected even this accomplishment.

It would, however, be folly to shut our eyes to the fact that there are some who disagree with this preference for public education owing to a certain prejudice in favour of private These persons seem to be guided in the tuition. main by two principles. In the interests of morality would avoid the society of a number of human they 39 2 QUINTILIAN vitia maxima prona, unde causas turpium factorum utinam extitisse saepe iactaretur falso alteram, ; quod, quisquis futurus est ille praeceptor, liberalius tempora sua impensurus uni videtur, quam si eadem 3 in plures Nam si Prior partiatur.

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