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During this publication, Gabriel Herman bargains a brand new interpretation of Greek xenia, a time period normally rendered as 'guest-friendship'. Drawing on modern literary assets and inscriptions in addition to anthropology, sociology, and comparative facts from different instances, he exhibits that xenia used to be a bond of fictitious kinship equivalent to godparenthood, instead of a tie of hospitality or traditional 'friendship'. taking off from this proposition, he develops a dynamic version of the formation of elite relationships and values. He explores the recommendations of legal responsibility and loyalty, present and bribe, treason and patriotism, and areas the Greek urban inside of a brand new context of energy relatives. This ebook, which assumes no wisdom of Greek, should be of curiosity to scholars and lecturers of historical heritage and classics. it is going to additionally entice social and political scientists.

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64 Ritualised friendship, by contrast, was concluded between persons who originated from different, and at times, drastically dissimilar social systems, and who had no previous record of social intercourse. Intimacy was established not through a lengthy interaction, but abruptly, as in marriage, 61 Many such instances will ~ mcounrered in this study. I here list only a few examples. 1 (KaJligeitos of Megara and Timagoras of Cyzicus living at the court of Phamabazos). 3 (Trapevticus) (Sopaios, a Greek, staying with Saryros.

3. 42. 44 Euripides, Ekara 83 and Ore$tes 1015, where Pylades is called loa6~ civfJ(). This fictitioul example il the only inStan~ which might indicate that one'l pla~ of origin, rather than permanent abode, was the crucial factor determining one'l Itatus al xenos: Orestes and Pylades were reared from early childhood in Phocil, but were xmo; in virtue of Orestes' Argive origin. 22 and Plutarch, Philopomlnr t. Cf. 1 for a similar story about Aratul of Sicyon. 4. 41 41 3 Features Shared With Kinship 23 Arabs, "to whom he had entrusted his children when making war on Aristobulus u • 46 Foster-parenthood was often romanticised - in panicular when projected into mythology (Fig.

122. d. 181. Aeschines. 28. The inaccuracies in the account - Philip was at that time hostage in Thebes - do not affect my argumt'flt. 10 (Property of Nicias' Brothn). 24 Ritualised Friendship a b fiB. hen compared WIth ritualiled friendship as rtCOIlsuue:ted from non-mythical sources. revals that the practices prescribed by the institution underwent only minor distortions when projected nto mythology. I paraphrase the relevant passages. Believing a false: accusadon, Akastos desened his friend, Peleus, while asleep on Pelion, and hid his magic sword in cow's dung.

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