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By George Somjen (auth.), George Somjen (eds.)

Great advances were made within the region of sensory body structure over the last few a long time, and those advancements appear to be requesting a complete assessment that's attainable in dimension and cohesive in content material. This quantity has been written with that aim in brain. within the first position i need to thank Mr. R. van Frank of Appleton-Century-Crofts for asking me to do the activity, and my spouse for persuading me to do it, for writing it used to be an stress-free job. a lot of the dialogue of genuine facts set to print right here developed in question-and-answer periods in classes given to scholars in body structure, psychology, and medication, and to physicians education in neurology, neurosur­ gery, and psychiatry. in addition to my scholars, I had in brain whereas getting ready this article my specialist colleagues laboring on their lecture notes lower than circum­ stances possibly now not in contrast to my very own. the cloth is split in components. the 1st bargains with the way of illustration of sensory info in peripheral nerves: the so-called first order code. the second one half the textual content bargains with the dealing with of experience facts through the primary frightened approach. One reason behind dividing the cloth during this approach is that some of the gains of the first-order code are universal to all sensory modalities. The depth, where, the rhythm, the "quality" of stimuli are encoded through principles that are acceptable, albeit with applicable alterations, to all senses. moreover, those principles of coding are at the present time very well understood.

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Others would call these categories the 'qualities' of the 'skin-sense-modality. ' To escape from this semantic trap, let us for a moment examine what is meant by 'quality' of sensation. It has been suggested that sensory quality is related to some continuously variable aspect of the stimulus other than its intensity or strength. This definition is best applicable to hearing, for sounds have pitch and pitch is manifestly related to tonal frequency. ' But things get less simple when at issue is the 'quality' of light.

There must be some mechanism to secure the information conveyed by that message and to prevent its loss. The tips ofaxons lie, with few exceptions, in the close vicinity of other nerve cells-quite close but, as we have said before, not in actual physical contact. There is a gap of no more than 500 A (= 50 nm; or a range of 10 to 50 nm) between the membranes on the two sides of a synapse. The axon terminal is called the presynaptic ending, the neuron receiving information from that ending is designated as postsynaptic, and the portion of its membrane directly opposite the presynaptic terminal is the subsynaptic membrane.

Without their teaching, so he states in effect, he could never have found out how wrong they were. If this politeness seems hypocritical, it need not be so, for must we not train our students in the scientific method in order that they may be better equipped to correct the errors we commit? Hering's was just the opening salvo. After it had been fired, the season was open for the shooting down of Weber and of Fechner (see BOring, 1933, 1942; Barlow, 1957; Stevens, 1961, 1966; Rosner and Goff, 1967).

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