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By Jerold J. Kreisman

An important new consultant to a mental situation that has effects on hundreds of thousands of North Americans

Written by means of Dr. Jerold Kreisman, a best specialist on Borderline character sickness, this significant, incisive booklet gives you the most recent info at the illness, which generally manifests itself via anger, abuse, addictions, and reckless impulsivity–behaviors which could have a devastating impression on friends and family. wealthy with dramatic case reports of Kreisman’s sufferers, the e-book describes and provides suggestion on today’s so much promising remedies besides functional coping techniques for the family of BPD victims.

Jerold J. Kreisman, MD (St. Louis, MO), is the writer of the bestselling I Hate You–Don’t depart Me, which has offered greater than 300,000 copies up to now. He has seemed on Oprah and different exhibits. Hal Straus (Albany, CA) has written 5 books and articles for such magazines as Ladies’ domestic magazine, Men’s healthiness, and Redbook.

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Arleen’s story is continued on page 133. The Roots of Abandonment Fears The desperate fear of abandonment, a core feature of BPD, impacts many other defining behaviors of the borderline. The dread of being alone interferes with the borderline’s close relationships, disrupts identity formation, and precipitates severe mood swings, self-destructive behaviors, and outbursts of anger. Feelings of emptiness usually accompany the painful isolation. qxd 12/26/03 4:27 PM Page 30 30 S O M E T I M E S I AC T C R A Z Y Childhood Experiences The borderline’s terror of loneliness often stems from earliest experiences, which may be a landscape of confusing, contradictory road signs.

When she frustrates these needs or is unavailable, the child transforms her into an all-bad persona. Only as the child develops can he integrate these opposing perceptions. Eventually he learns that someone he loves and admires can still disappoint or frustrate without transforming him or her into a hero or a villain. Heroes can be accepted with flaws. Villains can be perceived as having some worthwhile qualities. The borderline, however, remains stuck in this childlike black-andwhite topography because it protects her from the anxiety that accompanies attempts to reconcile contradictory feelings.

Sixth. . Did receptionists have to attend meetings too? ” For some reason the receptionist’s curt, flip tone raises Arleen’s hackles; she knows if she answered the phone like that at Red Oak, Eddie and the other agents would be on her case in a flash. ” In the middle of the fourth ring, her hopes soar as the familiar sound of Greg’s voice fills her ear. “Hi, Greg? I —” But it isn’t him at all. Eastland’s phone system being clear and seamless, she has mistaken voice-mail-Greg for live-Greg. Perfect!

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