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By Timothy E. Quill, Bernard Lo, Dan W. Brock (auth.), Torbjörn Tännsjö (eds.)

TERMINAL SEDATION through the Nineteen Nineties through the Nineteen Nineties a dialogue happened in scholarly journals pertaining to a degree inside of palliative care that had past attracted little cognizance, to wit, the sedation of demise sufferers. There appear to have been major explanation why the perform got here lower than debate. at the one hand, a few humans felt that, while palliative drugs had complicated and techniques to manage indicators had enhanced, it used to be not justified to sedate the sufferers in a fashion that had usually been performed some time past. The procedure of one terminal sedation had changed into ‘euthanasia in cover’ or ‘slow euthanasia’. nonetheless, there have been humans sympathetic to the lately demonstrated Dutch approach of euthanasia, those that agreed that terminal sedation used to be euthanasia in cover, yet who felt that, whether it is no longer objectionable to sedate demise sufferers at their request, then why may still it now not be accredited for medical professionals to kill death sufferers at 2 request? From those causes a dialogue approximately terminal sedation received momentum. The goal in the back of this anthology is to proceed and deepen this dialogue. The anthology begins with a bankruptcy the place an influential article from the Nineteen Nineties has been reprinted.

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N Engl J Med. 1991;327:1678-1681. 17. Enck RE. The Medical Care of Terminally Ill patients. Baltimore, Md: Johns Hopkins University Press; 1994. 18. Saunders C, Sykes N. The Management of Terminal Malignant Disease. 3rd ed. London, England: Hodder Headline Group; 1993:1-305. 19. Byock IR. Consciously walking the fine line: thoughts on a hospice response to assisted suicide and euthanasia. J Palliative Care. 1990;6:7-11. 20. Ventaffridda B, Ripamonti C, DeConno F, et al. Symptom prevalence and control during cancer patients’ last days of life.

5. TERMINAL SEDATION, MORALITY AND THE LAW As far as I can see, terminal sedation is compatible with standard thinking (and the Sanctity-of Life Doctrine) within medical ethics. To see this we should contemplate the following line of argument. When a patient is being terminally sedated, and having all treatment withdrawn, this act falls outside the ‘forbidden’ top left box in the figure above. The sedation can hasten death, of course. But, the point in sedating the patient is not to cause death, but to relieve suffering.

Now, it is certainly true that we do not know for sure what Mr. Winter would have wanted. However, from what has been reported about the case, it is reasonable to conclude, I think, that the physician made the right presumption and, therefore, the right decision, even in this case. I have already given my reason for this conclusion. The other legal expert, Suzanne Wennberg, Professor of Criminal Law, repudiated the doctrine of double effect. She concedes that in certain authoritative Swedish documents, this doctrine is taken for granted.

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