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The nanny was dying. Mada kneeled in front of her, listening as she whispered something almost inaudible. "Nanny is talking about her son. " "Where? " But Mother Lua could not say any more. Her strength had ebbed away. No efforts on Mada's part were of any avail, neither the kiss of life nor heart massage. The nanny's eyes closed and her body stretched out The hand that Mada had been holding began to turn cold. There was no pulse any more. "It's the end," said Mada, and she burst into tears. Ave now saw his companion as a weak and helpless girl.

As they came in, each touched his right eyebrow with his left hand. When the cell was packed full, Um Sat asked if he should fly from Faena on the eve of possible events for which, in the name of Justice, the toilers and their friends had been preparing for so many cycles. After all, he was an adherent of the struggle against the proprietors on both continents, although he had not fully fathomed its depths. Those present decided unanimously that Um Sat, the personification and pride of learning on Faena, should go into space to find the continents that the Faetians needed.

The Wall shuddered and was still by turns. Yar Alt ground his teeth. Mother Lua's mistake had suggested a plan of action. He wanted very little now: it was for a gap to open for only a fraction of a second. He himself would not, of course, be in front of it. The perspiration streamed into his eyes. In a wild frenzy, he continued drilling the centre of the spiral with his eyes, commanding the Wall to open. He made ready, drawing his left arm back in order to throw the stiletto. Mother Lua was almost losing consciousness.

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