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They have Christian relatives and they just don't know and won't accept it as being the work of hell. So, they just think that it's God's time. Some people say, "I believe that the way things happen, they just happen that way. " That's straight from hell, too. Always remember as long as you live: God does what you do. God’s power is available for everybody. If you have a short leg, God's power is available to make it long. If you need something new in your body, God's power is available to give it to you.

I was raised in a denomination that never taught me about God's healing power. That's the reason I didn't know anything about it. I hadn't been taught that God's healing power was a free gift to everybody. We had our own slant, our own version of it. We believed that Jesus COULD heal people if He wanted to, or if He chose to. But we believed that it MIGHT be God's will to heal somebody and it MIGHT NOT be God's will to heal somebody else. That's not Scriptural and if you believe that way, you're as confused as the devil.

There are certain things that seem to work stronger through some people's ministry. God's healing power works through them and heals many people, but there are just certain things that it seems like God gives to somebody and everybody they pray for that has that particular thing gets healed. I don't know, but it seems like if there is anything like that with me, it's bad hearts and crooked limbs. Sometimes people walk up to me in conventions with some of their limbs crooked. Sometimes I just start to pray for them and they are just made normal, right in front of your eyes.

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