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By Jean-Claude Mermilliod (auth.), Dany Vanbeveren (eds.)

A celebrity in a binary might have interaction with its significant other and this complicates considerably its constitution and evolution. in the course of numerous many years long ago many astronomers was hoping that the variety of binaries is small. this can be occasionally mirrored in theoretical reports facing huge populations of stars the place it's ASSUMED (without any justification) that binaries don't modify the consequences. The variety of proven binaries raises as observations increase and we there­ fore concept that the time was once correct to prepare a gathering the place the most subject will be the influence of binaries on stellar inhabitants stories. The SOC proposed a application with prolonged normal overviews and highlights of non-evolved and advanced binaries, with low mass, intermediate mass and big elements, the hyperlink with supernova explosions, pulsars and gamma-ray bursts, the impact of binaries at the chemical evo­ lution of galaxies. experts within the diverse examine fields have been invited and feature given very fascinating and hugely academic talks. As could be spotted via examining the court cases, the authors have placed loads of attempt in getting ready their contribution.

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The new instruments and recent techniques have given an important new impetus to the search and study of binary stars. Two-dimensional CCD photometry has permitted to efficiently search for variable stars over the whole cluster area (Kaluzny 2000), which was not possible when stars were observed one by one with photoelectric photometers. These observations cover mainly the domain of periods shorter than 1 day. Radial-velocity scanners, like the CORAVEL (Baranne et al. 1979) or the CfA Digital Speedometers (Latham 1992) have permitted to investigate the duplicity of solar-type stars in the field and halo, and in nearby open clusters, and to cover the per iod domain from 1 day to several thousand days.

The right panel provides the distribution of orbital eccentricity as a function of log P (days). The solid line traces the boundary for a periastron separat ion greater than 23 ~ for a binary with a total mass of 40 M 0 . All spectroscopic binaries are plotted. From the figure, it is noted that 1 there is an absence of high-e/short-P systems, confirming the expectation that binaries with periods -< 4 days tend to circularize due to tidal interaction, and 2 there is a lack of low-e/long-P systems.

Html 40 BINARIES IN STELLAR POPULATIONS Spectroscopic vs. ' , , il J:8: t:. t:. t:, t:, ... il il , t:. ,t:, t:, t:. t:. t:1 ,, t:. , t:, t:, t:, o----------i , , t:, t:, o----fr---< , t:, t:. t:, o Figure 2 il , , ... t:, t:, t:, t:, 2 , 1----------< 4 Parallax in Milliarcseconds 6 8 Spectroscopic distances and Hipparcos distance is possible may not be too bad, distances to O stars are only known in the most gross sense. 3. NEW ASTROMETRIC WORK Several O stars have been the subject of significant work since Paper 1.

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