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By Joseph M. Bochenski

This is often the 1st try to use sleek, mathematical logic
to determine a common good judgment of faith appropriate to all
great religions.

Such a good judgment, Father Bochenski indicates, isn't really an explanation of or
an apology for a specific religion-or for faith in general.
Rather, it's the software of the foundations and legislation of
logic to non secular discourse.

The publication is prepared approximately 4 significant heads: Religion
and common sense, The constitution of spiritual Discourse, Meaning
in non secular Discourse, and justification of non secular Discourse,
with technical appendices, "On Analogy" and
"On Authority."

As a enterprise into mostly unexplored territory, The
Logic of faith opens new horizons for extra study.
It is a booklet of bizarre curiosity to all severe scholars of
religion and to logicians and philosophers as well.

JOSEPH M. BOCHENSKI, President of the college of Fribourg,
Switzerland, is among the best-known logicians of
the 20th century. he's the writer of a few thirty volumes
concerned with formal good judgment and modern philosophy,
including Soviet philosophy.

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This study will comprehend three parts. In the first part, we shall state the problem in general. Here, after a historical survey (Section 7), we shall formulate the questions to be answered (Section 8). The second part will be devoted to these problems which are relevant to RD. After clarifying some aspects of the concept of meaning basic to RD (Section 9), we shall enumerate the different types of theories of religion which appear as a priori possible in the framework of what has been said about meaning (Section 10).

For only a subject matter which has already been sufficiently digested by pre-formal analysis is suitable for formal operations, and many mistakes have resulted from too 5o The Logic of Religion much haste in applying formal reasoning before having sufficiently prepared the subject matter. 2". The psychological meaning. So understood, "dialectics" asserts that the mind is constituted in such a way that it cannot work with fixed meanings, with well-determined concepts, and if it does so occasionally, then it simplifies these concepts to the extent that they lose any real importance.

Meanin g objective {subjective {communicative . non-commumcauve complete {incomplete propositions {others This is one system of division of meaning. There is also another, independent of it which, after being a standard part of Scholastic semantics and despite its importance, has been practically forgotten: a symbol may have meaning either by convention or by its material nature (signum instrumentale and signum naturale). The most important case of the latter is the image (signum formale). One instance of such signa formalia is a fugue of Bach.

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