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In each case, along a circuit enclosing a hole, the Skyrme field winds twice around some axis in isospace. Therefore in each region around a hole there are two units of baryon number. For example, the B = 4 Skyrmion, if sliced in half, gives two slightly distorted B = 2 tori, and this can be done in three independent ways. 21 The spin of the pair is not shown experimentally to be 1, but a theoretical understanding relies again on tensor forces. The Skyrme model seems therefore to capture, at a classical level, some of the structural aspects of the many-body quantum states in nuclei.

We mentioned earlier that the lowest-lying quantum state of an alternative B = 12 solution, such as the solution with three B = 4 Skyrmions in a linear chain, could be interpreted as this excited 0+ state. page 32 May 31, 2016 8:58 ws-rv961x669-2ndEdition-961x669 BC: 9710 - The Multifaceted Skyrmion - 2nd Edn. 4MeV J=2 +,I=0 Boron−12 J=0 +,I=0 Carbon−12 Fig. 13. Energy level diagram for nuclei with baryon number 12. Mass splittings between nuclei are adjusted to eliminate the proton/neutron mass difference and remove Coulomb effects, as described in Ref.

M. 10 This picture has previously been successful in modelling 10 Be and 10 C at least. 7MeV J=1 +,I=0 Carbon−10 J=3 +,I=0 Boron−10 Fig. 12. 5. B = 12 We described earlier the triangular B = 12 Skyrmion with D3h symmetry, and its approximation using the double rational map ansatz. The symmetry generators are a combined 120◦ rotation and 120◦ isorotation, and a combined 180◦ rotation and 180◦ isorotation about an orthogonal pair of axes. As the baryon number is a multiple of four, the FR signs are all +1, and the FR constraints are ei 2π 3 L3 ei 2π 3 K3 |Ψ = |Ψ , eiπL1 eiπK1 |Ψ = |Ψ .

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