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J. l We may begin with this second view. N THE EXACT PURPOSE Dedication of the Temple The theory that the inscription records the dedication of the Parthenon arises from the prominent position of the inscription on the building. The architrave is the natural place for a dedicatory text, and here in fact such inscriptions were usually placed. Temple E at Corinth, which dates to the time of Domitian, exemplifies this: its dedicatory text was placed on the architrave in bronze letters. 2 The dedication of a god's temple to an emperor, usually in the form of a co-dedication (temple-sharing) was not common in the Greek and Roman world.

W. Henderson, "The Chronology of the Wars in Armenia," CR 15 (1901) 159-65, 204-13, 266-74. Cf. M. Hamrnond, "Corbulo and Nero's Eastern Policy," HSCP 45 (1934) 81-104; J. G. C. Anderson, "The Eastern Frontier from Tiberius to Nero," CAH X (1934) 758-72; Neilson C. Debevoise, A Political History of Parthia (Chicago 1938) 179-202; D. Magie, Roman Rule in Asia Minor (Princeton 1950) 1553-61, I1 1411-17; J. Tresch, Die Nerobiicher in den Annalm des Tacitus (Heidelberg 1965) 143-45. For a detailed analysis of the account given by Tacitus see E.

If the Parthenon were dedicated to her and Nero jointly, then she should be mentioned. Given the text as it is, one would have to conclude that the temple was dedicated to Nero alone, and this does not seem likely. A final objection is that Nero's name is in the accusative case. 6 Neither can the text easily refer to some activity in Nero's behalf within the temple: one would expect a dative or a 671dp clause,' and in any case the Parthenon was not regularly a locus of worship and s a c r i f i ~ e .

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