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The strategy awarded during this publication combines features of generalizations of the noncooperative video game as built via Nash. First, avid gamers decide on their acts depending on definite details variables, and moment there are constraints at the units of choices for gamers. After the derivation of a common (Nash)equilibrium lifestyles theorem, a few effects from purification thought are used to turn out the lifestyles of an approximate equilibrium in natural ideas, that's in nonrandomized selection capabilities. For a few different types of payoff-functions and constraints, those video games turn out to have an (exact) equilibrium in natural ideas. the cause of contemplating limited video games with incomplete info is that, except their game-theoretic significance, they've got quite common program. marketplace video games with a continuum of investors in addition to a few statistical determination difficulties are coated with this approach.

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Moreover, this type of payoff-function yields continuous expected payoffs. 5 Theorem: Let be given a Il-C-funation u Then. the funation U defined by U(K) = fu dll0K nxs ... JRn . 26 is continuous on the set E of all stpategies K. Proof: Let €>O be given. First, there exists a ~-integrable function g : n .... ,s)1 1. 9, C can be chosen in such a way that u is continuous on CxS and g is continuous on C. • ,n. Hence, the function Vi : E .... 1. +g) 1. d~@K (Kd) is upper semicontinuous on E. A similar argumentation shows that the function -1.

K, ~ (2) € I i (spt L. , R. (. , K» ~ ~ iff :; & Let E,& ;;: 0 be arbitrary. t. t. K. The following theorem shows that a pure strategy equilibrium point in the above sense exists. 3 Theorem: ~i Let assumptions (1)-(4) be satisfied; and let be a nonatomia measupe fop evepy playep i. Mopeovep, we assume that ~i is the undeplying deviation measupe. Then, o fop evepy £>0 thepe is some 0 0 >0 suah that fop evepy 0>0 with o~o o thepe exists an £o-equilibpium point in pupe stpategies. Proof: We equip each set E.

The pure strategy £f satisfies (ii) fu dll®£f = f max On the other hand, since K (iii) I u dll®K = IeI u(w,t) dll . t~F(w) F(w) EF , we have ~ u(w,s) K(w,ds)) dll: and, since (1) is satisfied, we have Together with (ii) and (iii), this inequality proves u ( w, s ) = max K (w , • ) -a. e . u (w , t ) t~F(w) Hence, (2) is satisfied. 1. Thereby, we assume that the preferences of players are given by preference representation functions. A further existence theorem concerns the case, when preferences are laid down by payoff-functions.

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